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Product Spotlights

Endurance E5000 Elliptical

 The Endurance E5000 center drive elliptical trainer is the perfect blend of research, engineering, performance and technology. Patented technologies have been applied to provide a stable, space-efficient platform to perform rigorous low impact full body workouts. The E5000 uses an internal generator eliminating any power requirement. The combination of a natural stride, quality manufacturing and superior programming makes this a great choice for cardiovascular training. Designed for extreme durability, the E5000 offers both residential and commercial warranty.

Best Fitness BFE2

The BFE2 Center Drive Elliptical Trainer is a standout elliptical trainer that blends technology and quality at an affordable price. The BFE2 provides a comfortable and effective upper and lower body workout in an extremely compact space and is designed with a low center of gravity and balanced frame construction to eliminate rocking and provide smooth workouts. A bright 5" color digital display includes quick and easy readouts, a Training Mode, and 12 different pre-set program profiles to choose from with workouts specifically designed to fit user’s goals and fitness levels.

Endurance E300 Elliptical

Endurance E400 Elliptical


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