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Our Brands

These are some of the brands we choose that reflect the quality, value, and selection that we want to offer our clients. Premium materials, high-value equipment, excellent warranties, varied selection, and everyday low prices are the hallmark of our client-focused company.

MuscleD Fitness

Our equipment is chosen for its quality and value. 

We have a varied selection of high-quality equipment options available for the many different goals, objectives, and preferences of our clients. When it comes to fitness equipment, various factors and features are important to different individuals. Cardio machines, for example: some users want to "get on and go" (they want simplicity), others want upgraded console features and varied programs, while for others, size (compact) or style is important. But for all, quality, durability, dependability, and equipment that achieves results, are always the ultimate factors. 

We are committed to bringing such equipment to our customers in a genuine spirit of helping every client find the right product(s) that will work for them - and delivering exceptional customer service along with our equipment. 

Please visit our showroom for detailed information and prices. 

Upright Bikes
Recumbent Bikes
Spin Bikes
Home Gyms
Strength Training & Free Weights
Core Training
Boxing/MMA Equipment
Powertec Equipment

Product Spotlights

Powertec Workbench Levergym

Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack

Aviron Rowers

3GCardio Pro Runner Treadmill

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